Long-distance Swims: What You Need to Prepare

Sep 7, 20215 min read

You can learn long-distance swimming if you’re a swimmer who’s interested in taking their passion to the next level. It’s easy to step in a pool and do laps for…

meditation concept

How to Cope with Stress during the Pandemic

Mar 19, 20214 min read

People around the country experienced stress after the pandemic started last year. The stress came after authorities implemented lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. Even as people had…

personal trainer

Even Personal Trainers Need Continuous Education

Mar 16, 20214 min read

Being a personal trainer is an important job. People who don’t know where to begin their fitness journeys flock to you for advice and guidance about what steps they can take for…

checking mugs

The Best Exercises for People with Scoliosis

Mar 12, 20214 min read

Many people see scoliosis as a limiting condition preventing patients from participating in physical activities, leading most to believe that those with scoliosis are fragile individuals who need to be…

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